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BKK-Singapore Airlines (SQ) Silver Kris Lounge

The Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge is comfortable quiet lounge with good food offerings and a stylish comfortable interior.  I rate it as one of the top lounge choices in Bangkok Airport.

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Cathay Pacific First Class : A Very Deluxe Upgrade

In an era of cost cutting and economic downturn, many airlines are removing First Class from their international long haul airplanes.  Not so with Cathay Pacific, who in order to compete as one of the world’s most deluxe airlines, recently introduced a new First Class product.  Does it live up to Cathay’s reputation?

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HKG – The Travelers’ Lounge (East Hall)

Hong Kong Airport is always ranked among the world’s top airports since it opening.  Its known for large open areas and endless shopping, but also for airport lounges.  The flagship Cathay Pacific lounges The Pier & The Wing always top the world’s best rankings.  But what about the private lounges for those of us […]

Cathay Pacific (CX) new Economy Class seat review

In late 2009 Cathay Pacific introduced new seats on their 777-300ER long haul planes.  I experienced the new economy class as I departed JFK bound for Vietnam.  How does it compare to their old seats?

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NRT-ANA (NH) The Lounge (Terminal 1, Satellite 5)

I have always dreamed about what the flagship ANA lounge was like in Tokyo.  And today I got to experience it.  Does it live up to my fantasies?

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HKT-Thai Airways (TG) Royal Orchid Lounge

The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge is the primary business class lounge in Phuket International.  It is comfortable and decent, but is somewhat disappointing as the only airline sponsored lounge in Phuket’s international terminal.

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HKT-The Coral Executive Lounge

I wasn’t expecting to find this lounge as Phuket is a relatively small airport.  I was expecting to only use the Thai Airways lounge.  But I saw a lounge entrance before immigration with a big Priority Pass sign, and decided to give it a quick try.  This lounge is a hidden gem in the […]

Is Business Class on Thai domestic flights worth it?

It always comes up.  Should I book Business Class on my Thai domestic flights?  Most travelers visiting Thailand fly at least one or two flights to other parts of Thailand beyond Bangkok.  The price difference is usually not that much higher for a Business Class ticket.  But is it worth it?

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Thai Airways (TG) Royal Silk domestic business class review

Thai Airways has a Royal Silk business class cabin on nearly every domestic flight.   Many deluxe travelers choose Royal Silk business class for the nominal difference in price compared to economy class.  I experienced Royal Silk class domestic service on my round trip flight between Bangkok and Phuket.

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BKK-Thai Airways (TG) Royal Silk Lounge (domestic)

If you are flying business class from Bangkok to either the north such as Chiang Mai or the south like Phuket, chances are you will be accessing this lounge.   It is a fairly large sized lounge as Thai has numerous flights to other parts of the kingdom throughout the day.  For a domestic lounge […]