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BKK-Thai Airways (TG) Royal Silk Lounge (domestic)

If you are flying business class from Bangkok to either the north such as Chiang Mai or the south like Phuket, chances are you will be accessing this lounge.   It is a fairly large sized lounge as Thai has numerous flights to other parts of the kingdom throughout the day.  For a domestic lounge it is pretty decent.  Many Southeast Asian domestic airport lounges are little more than a small room with chairs serving soft drinks and snacks.  This lounge is definitely a big step above that.

The main lounge area is spacious with seating for about 80.  There are many small tables with chairs, but few cushioned chairs or sofas.  The majority of chairs are these rather uncomfortable hard brown chairs.  The biggest surprise this lounge offers is that it has an “outdoor” section, called the Garden Area, past the restrooms, which is not really marked.  So if you weren’t looking for it, you would never know it is there.  I say outdoor in quotes because it’s not technically outdoors, it’s just in an bright open area outside the main lounge area that makes use of Suvarnabhumi’s tall glass structure.  It is bright because of the glass walls and ceilings, and has seating for about 60.  If you have a long wait for your departing flight, I recommend sitting in this Garden Area, as it has a lot of space, is quieter than the main lounge area and still has self service drinks and snacks.

In the main lounge area there is a decent selection of food.  There is a lot of Chinese dim sum selections such as steamed buns and dumplings, there are even meat filled pastry puff pies.  Since this is Thailand there is the regular offering of fresh fruits and juices.  Drinks are limited to soft drinks or juices and there was no alcohol of any kind.  This was surprising, as not even cans of Singha beer were available.

There was free wifi throughout the lounge and there were three PC’s for free use.

Access is for business class Thai Airways passengers flying a domestic route.

I still like this lounge better than any US carrier lounge in the US.  But I was expecting more from a TG lounge in its home airport in Bangkok.  However if you have a long connection to Thailand beyond Bangkok, this lounge is more than adequate in terms of comfort and amenities.

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