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Thai Airways (TG) Royal Silk domestic business class review

Thai Airways has a Royal Silk business class cabin on nearly every domestic flight.   Many deluxe travelers choose Royal Silk business class for the nominal difference in price compared to economy class.  I experienced Royal Silk class domestic service on my round trip flight between Bangkok and Phuket.

The main difference in seat between Economy and Business is a few inches in width, leg rests in non-bulkhead rows, and large pillows.  There are no seat back personal TV’s, which isn’t a big deal since nearly all domestic flights are too short to watch a movie.  Note there are no power outlets in any of the seats.

There is no alcohol on this flight, but the meal is more substantial than the box lunch in Economy.  One meal is a soggy, but tasty, penne with prawns.   A milk tea flavored egg custard cake is provided for dessert.  The meal on the return leg is a juicy curry chicken quarter over saffron rice.

I recommend booking a non-bulk head row.  The bulkhead reduces legroom and these seats do not have leg rests.

However this begs the question . . .  Is Business Class on a domestic Thai flight worth it? Read the article to find out what I think.

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