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HKT-Thai Airways (TG) Royal Orchid Lounge

The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge is the primary business class lounge in Phuket International.  It is comfortable and decent, but is somewhat disappointing as the only airline sponsored lounge in Phuket’s international terminal.

The lounge is located close to the departure gates.  It is a larger lounge for an airport this small. The lounge seats about 50 in comfortable chairs with power outlets located in the base of the lampstands.  There are also three cabanas, seen in the photos below, reserved for first class passengers.  The only real difference is a little more privacy and leather sofas instead of chairs.  There are no restrooms located in the lounge.  They use the public restrooms in the main waiting area.

There is free wifi throughout the lounge as well as two PC’s for use.

Food offerings are rather disappointing for being the primary lounge in the international terminal.  I was at the lounge at around 6PM.  There was no major hot food offering, except for one bowl of fried rice, just finger sandwiches, fruit, and meat filled puff pastry.  There was also a refrigerator with bottled Singha beer and canned soda, as well as a fancy cappuchino/espresso machine.  Food offerings were far better at the private Coral Executive Lounge located on the other side of the main waiting area.

Access is for passengers flying business or first on Thai, or a number of other carriers that co-op the lounge like China Eastern, Silk Air, etc.  Or Star Alliance Gold members flying on a Star Alliance flight.

If you are flying business or first out of Phuket on Thai Airways or any of the other airlines using this lounge, its certainly comfortable enough.  But if you also have the option of the Coral Executive Lounge, it is a much better choice than this Thai lounge.

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