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NRT-ANA (NH) The Lounge (Terminal 1, Satellite 5)

I have always dreamed about what the flagship ANA lounge was like in Tokyo.  And today I got to experience it.  Does it live up to my fantasies?

There are a number of ANA lounges in Terminal 1 of Narita Airport, but the one in Terminal 1, satellite 5, near the 50’s numbered gates and up the escalator, is the main flagship lounge.  When I first entered I’ll admit I wasn’t too impressed.  It was large with comfortable seating for about 300+ passengers with large windows.  Also the majority of the seating did not have power ports, mainly just the long counter facing the window.  For food selection in the two food service areas, it’s above average with the beer robots, soft drinks, snacks, onigiri, simple sushi, a hot soup and sandwiches.  There is even a decent selection of wines and liquor, including my Japanese whisky of choice, The Yamazaki.  But I was still underwhelmed.

It’s when you walk to the opposite far ends of the lounge that you discover the secrets of this lounge.  If you turn right and walk to the end there is a noodle restaurant.  An old man behind a counter cooks your choice of four types of udon or soba.  If you turn left from the entrance and walk to the end, you’ll see a warren of cubicles with computers for use, but look again and you’ll find the sake bar.  Yup, the ANA lounge has a dedicated sake bar where you can taste a wide variety of different sakes.  But don’t leave this end of the lounge yet, I almost missed it.  Behind the warren of cubicles with PC’s is this long curtain.  Upon closer inspection I discovered behind this curtain about two $2000+ Japanese massage chairs, each with their own cubicle.  The other eight or so cubicles had recliners for sleeping.

The lounge is accessible to ANA business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold elite members.  Keep in mind this lounge is not close to gates departing to North America.  There is a closer ANA lounge to those gates in Satellite 3 (Gate # 40’s), and has the same basic offerings, but is dark, smaller and a lot more crowded.  It’s worth the long walk to go to this larger lounge in Satellite 5.

This lounge isn’t the prettiest lounge I’ve seen, or the most impressive feeling.  But with a noodle restaurant, a sake bar, my favorite Japanese whisky and massage chairs, I just may have my new world favorite lounge.

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1 comment to NRT-ANA (NH) The Lounge (Terminal 1, Satellite 5)

  • SMack

    After reading your article, I actually made the trip over to the main lounge, even though it was further from my gate… and I think it was definitely worth it. Haven’t ever seen a soba/udon bar in a lounge before- really a great touch!

    Thanks for all the great travel info–