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HKG – The Travelers’ Lounge (East Hall)

Hong Kong Airport is always ranked among the world’s top airports since it opening.  Its known for large open areas and endless shopping, but also for airport lounges.  The flagship Cathay Pacific lounges The Pier & The Wing always top the world’s best rankings.  But what about the private lounges for those of us who are relegated to the back of the plane?  Plaza Premium, started the trend of luxury pay per visit lounges that are not run by airlines.  How does it compare to the airline business class lounges?

The Traveler’s Lounge is located conveniently in the shopping area of the Terminal 1 in the East Hall.  It’s very large and seats about 250.  The first thing you notice on entering is the European styled bar.  Unfortunately it is a cash bar which is not the norm in airline business class lounges.  Since this is Hong Kong, the food options are very good.  There is a noodle station serving fishball noodle soup, a salad station, and a few hot trays with rice and noodle dishes.  In addition to a fancy cappuchino machine there are also two beers, Hite a Korean beer and Skol a European beer, both in cans.

There is ample seating in the dining area with many café tables, and the lounge seating chairs are comfortable.  The lighting is nice and dim in the main area with a number of TV’s mounted on the wall showing various news channels.

There are also showers for use and bathrooms located inside the lounge.  There is complimentary wifi located throughout the lounge and about four PC terminals for use near the entrance.

My only gripe with the lounge is the lack of power outlets located near seats.  I hardly saw any power outlets at all.

The Travelers Lounge in Hong Kong Airport is definitely an example of a private lounge keeping pace with an airline owned business class lounge.  Free hot food options, free wifi, showers, and nice chairs make this a nice option for those sitting in the back of the plane.  I wouldn’t go as far to say its equal to some of the top business class lounges in Hong Kong, but it definitely provides all the same basic amenities.

Access to the lounge is available to Priority Pass members, EVA air premium passengers in private section of the lounge, and any guest can choose to pay a fee for entry.

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