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Deluxe Upgrades is for the savvy luxury traveler.  However this isn’t your typical travel blog.  There are countless travel blogs by everyday people, and numerous about luxury travel, but few bring you firsthand knowledge and experience from a luxury travel professional.  He is the best kind of travel professional, one who has a bad case of the travel bug, is considered a gourmet by his peers and is a self proclaimed “hotel geek”.

The owner of Deluxe Upgrades, Derek K. Ong has over a decade of international travel and travel industry experience.  Derek has designed customized trips for all types of luxury traveler, everyone from celebrities, pro athletes and captains of industry, to enthusiasts who just want an amazing experience or their perfect honeymoon.  He has traveled extensively to over 20 nations, mainly in Asia, as well as Oceania, South Pacific and Near/Middle East.  Derek has stayed in and inspected the top hotels and resorts, sampled some of the best foods that these destinations offer, and continues to savor every minute of it.

In previous travel industry roles, Derek was the Japan Expert, hotel guru, and Asia Specialist.  He has been quoted in a number of luxury travel articles in top publications.  He always follows his own motto of “keep traveling”, and this blog shares those experiences combines it with his expertise.  Regular posts will include hotel inspections, daily trip reporting, a few restaurant reviews, airport lounges, premium airplane cabins, advice on choosing hotels, or just why you should travel to a specific place.  Also keep an eye out for guest contributors, who will round out the topics and geography.

If you are interested in contacting Derek K. Ong for trip planning services or consulting, please click on the Contact page.