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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deluxe Upgrades?

Deluxe Upgrades is a luxury travel blog that is owned by a luxury travel professional.  The blog will have articles about international destinations, trip reports, hotel reviews, and trip planning insights.  See more in the About page.

How is Deluxe Upgrades different than other travel blogs?

There are countless travel blogs written by travelers, based on their own opinions.  Deluxe Upgrades is different in that the views and advice come from a professional within the luxury travel industry.  The opinions are formed by years of dealing with other luxury travel clients, and planning their customized trips.

What countries or regions will Deluxe Upgrades cover?

While the majority of articles may be about Asia (East & Southeast), there will also be articles involving the Near/Middle East and the South Pacific.  This is mainly due to the professional expertise and travel experience of the main contributor.  Guest contributors will occasionally write articles involving other regions for variety.  There will also be helpful articles about travel technology and products, banking and airport lounges.

Are reviews and recommendations on Deluxe Upgrades biased?

Yes.  While all travel recommendations or hotel reviews are biased, Deluxe Upgrades strives to provide the most customized advice for the luxury traveler.  In most cases, there is no objective “best” hotel, but there is a “best fit” for each traveler or party, based on style preferences, facilities, location, etc.  The right property for a honeymoon couple will not likely be right for the family with young children, for example.  We will do our best to explain these differences so you can decide for yourself.

What if I have specific questions about hotels or planning a trip that has not been discussed on Deluxe Upgrades?

Please refer to the Contact page for enquiries regarding specific requests or services.