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NRT-ANA (NH) The Lounge (Terminal 1, Satellite 5)

I have always dreamed about what the flagship ANA lounge was like in Tokyo.  And today I got to experience it.  Does it live up to my fantasies?

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Is top rated ramen really better? Fu-Unji ramen restaurant review

One of the priorities during my trip to Japan was to eat at a top rated ramen shop.  There are thousands of ramen shops in Tokyo, so what makes one a top rated shop?  The Japanese who are obsessed with rankings and guides have annual guide books and TV stations frequently do stories on […]

Still Lost In Translation

There’s something special about having cocktails at the NY Bar & Grill atop the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  There are numerous bars in Tokyo that also boast drinking while high up in the sky, but there is an experience that only the Park Hyatt can provide.  Is it because of the film Lost In Translation?


1, 2, 3 . . . Pork !!!

What do you get when you pair the Japanese obsession with food and the world’s top ingredients?  You get what the Japanese do best, taking food obsessions far beyond what other peoples do.  Some well known examples of this are Kobe beef or bluefin tuna sushi.  But let’s not forget about pork.

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Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

This year was my first opportunity to be in Japan for cherry blossom viewing.  While I may have been to Japan many other times of the year, this is the first time I actually caught the cherry blossoms.  I have learned about the cherry blossom festival while studying Japanese culture in college, everything from […]

Toscana Pasta restaurant review. Yoyogi, Tokyo

The Japanese are known to take various western cuisines, and adjust them to suit their tastes.  My Cousin Mimi got me hooked on tarako spaghetti many years ago, which she claims to have eaten daily when living in Hokkaido.   So today for lunch I walked next door to Toscana, a local pasta restaurant. […]

Ramen Restaurant Review: Mejiro Ramen- Yoyogi, Tokyo

This is my first ramen restaurant review for the blog.  Mejiro isn’t famous, but I’m starting out local.  Mejiro ramen is less than a block away from my friend’s apartment and I always mention how we should try it out.  My first meal in Tokyo this trip requires it to be ramen, for the […]

The “best” Tokyo luxury hotel

I often get asked what the “best” luxury hotel in Tokyo is.  And for many years my answers made me sound evasive or difficult.   I’m not trying to dodge the question, the simple answer is that there isn’t one.  Instead of one “best”, deluxe travelers to Tokyo have a variety of top hotels to […]